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Work in Progress


Cullen Cottages Collection

You can view videos of me working on my paintings on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok

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Ooooo Vases


These were sanded then primed. I then added the colour decoration.


Just adding the signature to the bottom.

All hand painted items are signed by me.
These vases were gloss varnished.
These are now sold.


Lossiemouth - Glitzia Art Piece


I've been working on this painting for years and was never happy with it. It has now been bejazzled to the max and has become part of my glitzia collection and looks fabuuuulous ! :))


The frame has now been sorted, it's my biggest piece in the glitzia collection and is now ready for a new home.

Price and size etc - Click here


Kitty Glitter & Sparkly Kitten

Kitty Glitter getting a second coat of satin varnish.


Kitty Glitter and kitten enjoying their time at the gallery. Kitten is now SOLD and Kitty Glitter the bigger piece is now ready for a new home.
Price and size etc - Click here

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